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Toll Free: (888) 218-2260
Phone: (570) 668-0320
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Toll Free: (888) 218-2260
Phone: (570) 668-0320
Fax: (570) 668-5093

Custom Perforated Sheets & Panels

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Custom Perforated Metals
Custom Perforated Metals

Custom Perforated Metals

Custom Perforated Metals
Custom Perforated Metals

Custom Perforated Metals

Fabricated Metal Safety Platform
Fabricated Metal Safety Platform

Fabricated Metal Safety Platform

Common Segment Sizes Table
Common Segment Sizes Table

Custom Fit Inmate Carrier

Perforated Metal Table
Perforated Metal Table

Perforated Metal Table

Fabricated Metal Storage Unit
Fabricated Metal Storage Unit

Fabricated Metal Storage Unit

Available Perforation Patterns
Available Perforation Patterns

Available Perforation Patterns

Reference Charts
Reference Charts

Reference Charts

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Remaly Manufacturing Company Inc.

is your best choice for small to medium sized orders of perforated metals. We are located in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania approximately ninety minutes north of Philadelphia and two hours southwest of New York City.

Precision equipment and increased speeds have made perforated metals, plastics and hardboard the most flexible and economical material available. Perforated metal is both decorative and functional. The flexibility of design and the number of standard dies within the Association give the Designer, Engineer and Architect unlimited selection in material functionality and aesthetics.

When considering an engineering or design change, or if our present material is costing you time and money in assembly, your I.P.A. perforator can help solve your problems. By consulting Remaly, you can be assured of a product engineered for a particular job or quality standard product manufactured by sound, practical and efficient companies whose years of experience is their symbol of quality and economy.
  • Specifications
  • Guidelines for Ordering Perforated Metals
  • Industrial Perforators Trade Practices
Tab 1
Available Materials
Remaly Manufacturing can perforate all types of metals including:
  • Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Heat Treated Metals
  • Abrasive Resistant Metals
  • Ferrous Metals
  • Non Ferrous Metals
  • Monel
  • Copper
  • Muntz Metal
  • Titanium
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Zirconium
We can also perforate plastic and hardboard sheets and panels.
Sheet and Plate Size Specification
Standard Stock Size Sheets and Plates - Typical: 36" x 96", 36" x 120", 48" x 96", 48" x 120"
  • The width and length will be standard mill shearing plus any stretch of the material by perforating, unless otherwise specified. For carbon steel sheets or plates, tolerances as set by the American Iron and Steel Institute.
Sheets and Plates Resheared After Perforating - Tolerances of the width and length will be:
  • For thickness lighter than 1/8" : ±1/32"
  • For thickness 1/8" to 3/16" incl. : ±1/16"
  • For thickness heavier than 3/16" to 1/2" incl. : ±1/8"
  • For thickness heavier than 3/16" to 1/2"- check with your perforator.
If special re-square tolerances are required, consult your perforator.

Coiled Stock - Please submit specifications.

Remaly can perforate materials in light and heavy gauges. If you require closer tolerances than standard, check with Remaly. Whatever your requirement is, let Remaly be your guide and your guarantee of quality production.
Thickness of Metals
  • Steel - Use "Manufacturers' Standard Gage for Steel Sheets."
  • Stainless Steel - Use the U.S. Standard Gage Table.
  • Monel - Use the U.S. Standard Gage Table.
  • Copper, Brass or Muntz - Use the B&S Gage Table.
  • Aluminum - Use the B&S Gage Table.
Available Perforation Patterns and Material Formats View
Remaly has the flexibility to create:
  • Round Perforations - Staggered (60 degree pattern) is standard. Variations include 45 degree staggered, and Straight Line Pattern.
  • Square Perforations - Staggered Pattern or Straight Line Pattern.
  • Slotted Perforations- Side Staggered, End Staggered, or Straight Lines. Slotted Perforations will be round end slots; specify if square end slots are required.
Special Shapes and Designer Perforations
  • Decorative patterns in Grecian, Cane, and Octagon Cane are common.
  • Perfboard (1/4" holes on 1" straight centers)
  • Alternate Feeds
  • Spread Centers
We can also create a combination pattern of various types of perforations based on customer request.

Perforation patterns can be staggered, straight line pattern perforations or 45 degree pattern perforations. Remember, perforated material can be purchased in stock sheet, special size sheets, panels, rolls, belts, cut to size, special slit coil completely fabricated and finished.
  • Staggered Perforations, both Round and Square - Direction of the stagger will normally be the short dimension of the sheet, as illustrated. The straight row of holes is normally parallel to long dimension of sheet.
  • Slotted Perforations - The long dimension of the slots can be furnished parallel with either the width or length of the sheet in most cases -check with your perforator.
Spacing for large perforations will be designated by either Centers of Perforations, or by the Open Area required. Spacing for small perforations will be designated by either Centers, or Open Area, or if more practical, by the Number of Perforations to the Square Inch.
Perforated Stock Size Sheets and Plates. The long sides of the sheet will be supplied with minimum margins. The short sides of the sheet will have either minimum margins or no margins. (Refer to Fig. #3)

Sheets and plates Resheared after Perforating. Special margins are available to specifications but they must carry a tolerance within the limits of the perforating tool.

Unfinished end pattern is standard in the industry. Note: See illustration of "Finished End Pattern" (Fig. #2) and "Unfinished End Pattern." (Fig. #1)
Flatness of Sheets and Plates
In the majority of requirements, Perforated Sheets or Plates can be furnished to AISI flatness tolerances. (No more than 1/2" on 16 ga. sheets to 60" wide.)

If your job should fall under one of the following categories, it is recommended that you discuss the requirement with your perforator:

  • Perforated Sheets with extra wide margins.
  • Blank Areas required within the perforated area.
  • Perforated Sheets with very large percentage of open area.
  • Heavy gage metal in relation to the size of the perforation.
  • Special Alloys.
  • Stretcher Leveled Sheets.
Standard Hook Flanges
Unless otherwise specified, hook flanges may be supplied for the above standards.
Benefits of Perforated Materials
Perforated metal is easier and less expensive to form, weld, and fabricate. Borders of most any width on four, three, two or one side are available. This reduces the cost of welding and reduces accidents in handling. No extra edging is necessary as in other materials.
Applications that use Perforated Metals
Perforated materials have multiple uses in various industries such as:
  • Metal Perforation and Fabrication Industry
  • Anthracite Coal and Quarry Industries
  • Acoustical Industry
  • Architectural Industry
  • Artistic Industry
  • General Manufacturing and Fabrication Industry
  • Landscaping Industry
  • Transportation Industry
They can be used for/as:
  • Architectural Concepts
  • Artistic Displays
  • Mining and Drilling Operations
  • Vibrator Screens
  • Hammermill Screens
  • Custom Chutes
  • Bar Gratings
  • Rolled Assemblies
  • Conveyor Lifters and Flights
  • Countless other applications.
Packaging and Shipping Information
Our clients have come to expect that we will ship their orders completely and accurately within one week. 90% of orders filled are processed and shipped within 10 days. Remaly Manufacturing Company is located in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania near the junction of State Routes 309 and 209. We have been serving our customers from this location in the metal perforation and fabrication industry since 1865. While we also use common carrier freight handlers, for quick delivery our own trucks are within a short drive to Scranton, Easton, Lancaster or Bloomsburg.
Production Volume
Remaly specializes in small to medium perforated panel and screen orders. However, we are capable of increasing our capacity to accommodate larger orders. Please contact us with any perforated material request.
Tab 2
When Ordering Perforated Metals:
When the material is to be furnished by the customer, use the terminology "Perforating and Processing Only." All material so furnished must be of perforating quality.

The flexibility of round, square, slot and other special perforations make it impractical to list every combination. The table below showing I.P.A. numbered perforations are common and are considered standard. For complete information on available patterns, contact your Remaly supplier.

Ask about Specialty Patterns such as perfboard (1/4" holes on 1" straight centers), alternate feeds or spread centers. These offer different visual effects and serve to reduce open area. Various widths of bars (unperforated strips) may be left in the pattern to assist in mounting.

Decorative patterns in Grecian, Cane, and Octagon Cane, are common. Some companies have developed their own particular decorative patterns and within the I.P.A. is the greatest variety of design in the industry. Functional patterns can also be decorative.

Standard stock or standard dies are important to your planning. It should be clearly understood however, that any perforated design can become as economical as a listed pattern if the quantity or potential is great enough.
Charts & Tables
Please see our 'Reference Charts' to the right for more hints and tips for specifying and ordering perforated metals.
Tab 3
The Industrial Perforators Association, Inc. made a study of the trade customs or usages and the terms and conditions of sale which are believed to generally prevail throughout the perforating industry. The typical contract provisions which apply in these sales transactions unless the buyer and seller specify otherwise as set forth below. Each perforating company may establish its own terms and conditions.
  1. Description of Goods Sold - Perforated material furnished shall be described only by Remaly Manufacturing Company quoted specifications and/or drawings and any required change or deviation therefrom may be subject to quoted prices revision. Unless otherwise specified, the industry standard specifications shall prevail as described from time to time in bulletins published by the Industrial Perforators Association, Inc.
  2. Quantity Prices - Price differentials indicated for varying quantities of the same item result from savings in the cost of material, purchasing, manufacture, sale or delivery.
  3. Packing - Packing will be furnished in accordance with the perforating industry standard specifications.
  4. Sales, Use and Other Taxes - The Buyer shall payor reimburse Remaly for any sales, use, excise, occupational, or other tax arising directly or indirectly from this sale transaction or the performance thereof, or from the use by any person of the perforated material sold.
  5. Over-runs and Under-runs - Unless exact quantities are specified, all quoted prices are based on the Buyer accepting and paying on the basis of over-runs or under-runs on each individual item, not exceeding 10% of the quantities requested.
  6. Transportation/Delays - All prices and deliveries are F.O.B. Tamaqua. The Buyer should specify type of carrier and routing. In the absence of such specifications, Remaly will use its best judgment but shall not be liable for any delays or excessive transportation charges resulting from our selection. Remaly shall not be liable for loss or damage due to delay in manufacture resulting from any cause beyond our control including but not limited to; compliance to regulations, orders or instructions from any state, federal or municipal government, acts of God, acts of civil or military authority, fires, strikes, factory shutdowns, or delays due to causes beyond the company's reasonable control.
  7. Patent Infringements - The Buyer shall save the Seller harmless from all loss, damage, or liability including attorney's fees arising out of manufacture of any patented device or part thereof, the patents for which the Seller does not own or control.
  8. Quotations-Acceptances - Quotations are effective for 30 days from the date of issuance. Acceptance of this quote is expressly limited to the Terms and Conditions of this quotation and the rights of the parties shall be governed exclusively by the Terms and Conditions hereof.
  9. Warranty - Remaly Mfg. Co. Inc. warrants the supplied material against defects in workmanship for a period of thirty (30) days after receipt of order. The obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or reworking F.G.B. Seller's plant, or allowing credit at Seller's option, provided the Buyer gives the Seller prompt notice of the defect during the warranty period.
Remaly Manufacturing Company is a rapid response manufacturer of high quality perforated metals and custom fabrications, specializing in design and delivery of low volume orders or prototypes. Our capabilities include value added operations such as rolling, bending, shearing, welding and notching on both ferrous and non ferrous metals. Design and drafting assistance are available. We also specialize in the unique requirements of acoustical applications, architectural concepts and artistic displays.
Remaly Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Toll Free: (888) 218-2260
Phone: (570) 668-0320
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